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Base Chakra Cosmic Coaster

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The base chakra is about passion not just sexual passion but passion for life and what it brings.  It is your centre for motivation, drive, action and energy.  Determination, love, strength, health and abundance.  Weight loss/gain, over or underactive sex drive, poor immune system, anaemia, IBS/Constipation and digestive issues/aliments, varicose veins in the legs, circulatory problems found in the legs, so this maybe tingling in the legs and sometimes in the arms. Skeletal problems so lower back pain, sciatica, knee problems, arthritis, rheumatism, prostate problems, vaginal problems.  

This Cosmic Coaster will help support those suffering from low mood, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, relieving tension and stress, bringing in connection to mother earth, connecting you back to source. We need a strong base chakra for all our other chakras to be in alignment but also all our other body systems to be working at their optimum level. When the base chakra is out of alignment it can cause digestive issues causing nausea and diarrhoea, it can cause solar plexus issues where one can hold anger from frustration. Cystitis is caused by being ungrounded so connects to the urinary system. So you can see it is key to have a strong balanced base chakra.  It is like having the foundations of the house not dug down enough. If our roots are not embedded into the core of Mother Earth all our body systems and chakras will crumble causing mental, physical and emotional issues to arise.

The colour red used in the coaster brings further support as it is linked to the heart and the blood.  Increasing arousal of sexual energy.  Red quickens the heart rate, increases the blood circulation and prompts the release of adrenaline. it is a good colour to work with if you have an iron deficiency and anaemia.  Red has the ability to increase circulation which makes it a good colour to work with if poorly with a viral or bacterial infection. Due to red being able to increase circulation activating the adrenal glands and increasing blood circulation please use with caution if you suffer from high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy and hypertension when working with the colour red.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the base chakra

Lack of focus, anxious, restless, fearful, depression, abandonment, anxiety, not feeling safe, feeling constantly tired, little boundaries, and lack of money in your life.  A general feeling of lack in your life. Controlling of others. Very materialistic.  Anger, rage, resentment, lust, greed, danger, victimhood, domination, aggression, ruthlessness, sacrifice.  A feeling of disconnection and floatiness/lightheaded.  A feeling of unstable, unsure and ungrounded.  A sense of not wanting to be here.  Divorce and adoption can cause the base chakra to be out of balance.  All addictions are associated with the base chakra.

The Colour Red

Red is the colour of life force in general.  Red will give you courage and expand your energy field.  It is a great colour to wear if you are being bullied either at school or work as red helps us to stand up to people and intimidate the bullies back so standing up for yourself in difficult situations.  If you are feeling fearful about something again red is the colour to have around you it will give you the courage to face the fear and do what you need to do to succeed or grow. Red is also a good colour to wear when we need bit more energy due to not having slept well or even partying into the night when we should have taken an early bath and gone home to bed! Too much red will see us become reckless, selfish and becoming extremely angry and aggressive. Too little red will see us become listless, out of touch with the real world and disinterested.  We will have lost touch with our base and become disconnected with Mother Earth.

Homeopathic Remedy Infused into this coaster.

The homeopathic remedy infused in the coaster is Oak 10m.  This is a very grounding remedy  which works deeply and is permanent in its action ensuring our roots go deep into mother earth.  It helps with spiritual awareness and refines the spirit. It helps to link you to the past present and future.  Helps to support you to reach their highest aspirations while keeping you rooted deeply in mother earth.  Oak helps support those that feel weighed down by life, helps give you the courage to keep moving forward in life.  Great remedy for someone who is is not sleeping well after a shock.  For healing shock and trauma especially to the spine.  Oak will give you vision in a situation that feels hopeless.  Gives courage when it is needed. Those those that have trouble assimilating loss and grief and learning from it. Supports tension in neck and shoulders, wheat and diary allergies, Anxiety felt in the chest, palpitations, Constipation and bloating brought on by stress.  Gallstones and gallstone colic. Tinnitus which is one sided.

The sacred geometry for this coaster is the Metatron Cube which is about creation.The Metatron Cube is made up of 13 circles that represent universal law.  It is a foundation for all we create and it acts as a portal to other dimensions. The circles connect us to divine feminine energy.

The affirmations to work with on this coaster are as follow:-

I am calm.

I am safe

I am grounded

I am strong

I am supported by the universe.

A great coaster to work with by placing it on the body in a self healing session or under your water bottle to charge the water and then drinking it throughout the day.  You can also use the coasters in your healing sessions with clients helping to provide them with grounding, protective and supportive energy.

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.