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Crown Chakra Cosmic Coaster

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The Crown Chakra Cosmic Coaster

The Crown Chakra is found at the top of your head and it is often referred to as "the connection to source/spirit". When working with this Cosmic Coaster please ensure you attach a silver cord from your feet to your Earth Star Chakra to keep you grounded and connected to Earth as you reach up to the higher planes.  Sometimes when we take ourselves up to the high chakras we can find it hard to come back down to earth - so make sure you ground yourself after working with this coaster.

When the crown chakra is out of balance.

When your crown chakra is out of balance you will be full of thoughts and it feels like you can’t switch your brain off, you become disconnected from source/universe and the world around you,  you will feel anxious and fearful, depressed and unsatisfied.

Physical symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include:

Neurological disorders, Nerve pain, Thyroid and pineal gland disorders, Alzheimer’s, Recurring headaches, migraines, Schizophrenia and delusional disorders, Insomnia and Low Mood or Depression.

The colour silver/Violet
Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone silver represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic abilities.

Violet people are in good balance and are natural born healers, born pioneers and leaders who radiate peacefulness, a sense of authority and the energy for positive change. They have great spiritual staying power.  Violet ha a natural ability to bring an atmosphere of calm to those that are troubled, and soothe their pain and grief.  If the violet person takes on too much they suffer exhaustion and depression. It balances both sides of the brain so can also be used in treating epilepsy.  Violet people don’t do things by halves.   Spiritually, emotionally and sexually their relationships are intense.  So when they commit themselves to a partner or a friend it goes deep and last long. They are devoted, loyal and responsible.

The Homeopathic Remedy infused within this Cosmic Coaster is Snowdrop 6c

This remedy has a strong spiritual energy.  It takes us up to the gold and silver vibrations of source to give a life-line into light.  It helps the soul to leave the body and see its invisible world.  Helps to develop trust and intuition and for us to trust it.

It gives faith and confidence of our links with the spirit world. It helps lost souls to reconnect with their links to the spirit world.  

It promotes astral travel, psychic and clairvoyant development.

Snowdrop clears deep shock and trauma. An his the subtle damage of shock and trauma. Refines and purifies etheric structures. A great remedy for Fear, anxiety and lack of confidence. Helps us to feel calm and courageous.

Awakens all chakras especially the crown and the heart.

Releases us from the past from outmoded structures of the past. Gives you the ability to see things from a different angle, to see patterns within yourself and others.  Helps to cut ties that hold people back. Helps to support Vaccine damage.  Helps with all aspects of vision, great for period pain and lower back ache.  Has a big affinity with the nervous system and the brain.

Words of connection for this Cosmic Coaster are:_
Connecting to Source, Gateway to Spirit, Connect to new possibilities within you and Links Heaven to Earth,

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.