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Goddess Isis Cosmic Coaster

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Goddess Isis

I Isis the goddess of love and healing come to you on the ray of love and magic.  I share these gifts with you to bring deep healing for yourself and others.  I am powerful and strong and remind you that you are also.  You are your own healer and I guide you in the process to bring you back into balance.

I am here to teach you to trust and believe in your own intuition and guidance and to stand strong in your boundaries with love.     To trust your own messages and to work with them knowing that I have your back at all times. There are never any mistakes just learning.  Let me reconnect you to your inner voice the voice of true guidance, which is connected to the wisdom that you hold within you.  I bring light to your conscious awareness and your inner wisdom for you to create magic in your life. To bring to the surface that which needs healing. You have the power and wisdom to heal all that is placed in front of you for you no what it is that you must do.

I Isis connect you to the divine feminine energy within you be you woman or man gently balancing this energy within you restoring you to equilibrium. With this feminine energy is gentleness and tenderness for yourself and others. Be kind, do not judge, just love.  What is needed from you is pure trust in you own inner knowing to make the correct choices and to take the steps you need to bring love back to your heart and to heal your emotions which in turn will heal the physical body.

To heal deeply I bring you the energies of the lunar and solar eclipse energies and I ask you to breathe these in so they to can guide your on your path of righteousness and healing.

Breathe in my red energy and take this to your sacral centre to balance your creative energy which you hold here.  I will help you with any fertility issues breathing in life to this centre so you can create life itself.  I fire up your creative juices in all aspects of your life. Just trust in the messages I give you and continue to breath in red. For red is strength, warmth, courage and action.

I surround you with my protective energy helping you to feel safe and protected embodied in this energy bringing you the courage and strength to step forward.

Trust and belief is all that you need as I step forward and walk by your side through life and beyond.  Nudging you along the way to go within to receive the messages of wisdom and to trust in them.  Go with the flow of life and receive the magic that this will bring along the way.

Homeopathic Remedy infuse in the coaster is White Chestnut 12c

White chestnut is an important remedy due to its great healing power on every level of the being.  The remedy works like holding a candle, lights your way forwards through the darkness.  It helps you to become aware of those in other realms who are helping you.  It helps to channel messages from spirit so you get a clear understanding of what guidance and wisdom is being offered. You just have to trust the messages you receive and action on them.

This remedy is connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras and has a power effect on the male and female genitalia.  It helps to heal the feminine in both women and men.  It is a powerful remedy for all states of abuse from this life and past lives where the sacral centre has been abused.

This remedy has a powerful effect on the spleen, helping red blood cells to flow correctly. It also has a powerful effect on the pancreas. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels supporting those with diabetes and those who have sugar cravings. This is a remedy to calm the whole nervous system.

White chestnut provides stillness and peace to the mind in all states of anxiety and worry whatever the cause.  It helps to let go of hidden hurts and anger and allows the soul and spirt to become free. 

White chestnut is a great healing capacity.  It has a gentle but powerful energy.