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Hexahedron Platonic Cosmic Coaster

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The Platonic Solid Shape the Hexahedron  also known as the Cube is the most stable shape of all the Platonic Solids with long strong roots reaching down to grow within the Earth. The Hexahedron is connected to the Base Chakra also referred to as the Root or the Muladhara Chakra and represents support, strength, stability, self control and grounding. The Hexahedron is connected to the Earth Elemental.  Connecting you deep within the core of Mother Earth and Male energies and the Crystalline Grid.  The Cube will help to remove stress and tension in the physical body. This platonic solidi is the foundation for all the others. A building block of life.

Infused on Metatron’s Cube, with the crystal Clear Quartz and the homeopathic remedy Hornbeam 30c.

There is much to say about all of the homoeopathic remedies but I am going to talk here about the aspect of each remedy that I have been asked to use via channelling  in connection with each coaster. You may not resonate with everything that is said and that is ok. Your body and mind will only absorb what it needs.

Homeopathic Remedy Hornbeam 30c.

This remedy awakes the Base chakra with the higher chakras and brings it to the heart chakra.  The dark meets the light with is remedy, for it is one of great power and truthfulness.  The power of the light in this remedy will push back the darkness. It brings a powerful release into something new and different.  Brings great peace, serenity and security in the midst of great power.  Provides greater strength and provides a shield of protection, roots securely on the earth plane. Hornbeam brings you courage and confidence. Helps with tiredness, lethargy, a feeling of everything is too much.  Has a profound effect on immunity supporting extreme low immunity such as ME, AIDS and HIV. Brings people more firmly into the present moment. Brings optimism for the future.  Links with Fairies and elemental spirits.