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Kali Ma Cosmic Coaster

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Channelled Message for Kali Ma Cosmic Coaster

Goddess Kali Mar is my go to cosmic coaster when I am feeling fearful.  When I feel the fear in my solar plexus that has me worrying about things I cant control I reach for the Solar Plexus Cosmic Coaster and the Kali Ma Cosmic Coaster.  When I feel I need some protection I call on Kai Ma.

Kali ma is known as the Mother Kali.  She is a powerful Hindu Goddess and her appearance to some is portrayed as a fearsome woman with a necklace of skulls around her neck and a protruding tongue.  She can appear to be terrifying but she is much more than her appearance.  She is so much more than meets the eye she is a multifaceted goddess offering those that call on her protection, empowerment and spiritual transformation.

She helps us humans to dissolve our egos which is a big lesson in spiritual growth.  She helps us to detach, overcome our pride and our self importance.  For if we detach from ego we are able to connect more to spirits support and see our true selves.

She is a big protector and for me is like a lioness protecting those she loves fearlessly.  Call on Kali when you feel you need protection against negative energies or people, or you feel you are under physical or spiritual threat.  When you evoke kali ma’s energy she provides a protective energy around you which is a shield of light providing you with safety and well being.  She brings an energy of calmness when she places you in her shield of light.

Kali is the embodiment of Shakti, the divine feminine energy which provides a power of creation and destruction.  She helps us to face our life challenges head on and to overcome our fears. She supports us in making new better choice and decisions bringing in positive changes to our life.

Kai will help you to break free of old worn out limiting beliefs and to step into confidence enabling us to reach our goals and fulfil our dreams.

Kai Ma also helps you with transformation and change.  Lets face it none of us particularly like change so she is here to help us embrace the changes that we face and to accept the different cycles of life giving us the strength and courage to let go of what no longer serves us.  She helps us to shed the past and the trauma we have encountered allowing us to step into the new. New opportunity’s which in turn bring spiritual growth and healing.

It is believed that Kali has the power to dissolve all karmic debt.  Call on her to help you to break the chains that keep you in the cycle of karma.  Remember to keep adding positive karma to your karma bank by forgiving yourself and others, being loving and kind. This is how you balance and release Karmic debt. She helps us to release all of what we are carrying, all of the burdens of our past actions that you may well see now and wish you had not taken part in or done to another.  By evoking Kali Ma in this way she will help you to release these past actions with love and forgiveness and to start afresh.

How to connect and call Kali Ma in.

The most obvious way is to use the cosmic coaster as that will call her energy in to you.  You will feel her presence around you offering you strength, courage and protection to deal with what you are facing without fear.

You can also connect to her energy via mediation.  Focus on the image on the coaster and bring her into your heart.  Her transformational energy will enter your heart and help you to gain insight into your fears and your ego.

Show gratitude for the love, support, strength, courage and protections she provides you now. 

You can also call her energy to you via Kai Ma’s chant “Om Krim Kalyai Namah” this evokes her protection and her presence around you,

Kai ma is a powerful goddess clearing destruction, providing transformation and new start without fear.

Homeopatic Remedy infused within this coaster is Androctonos Amurreuxi - Scorpion as it is also known.  The homeopathic potency is 200c and works on the physical, mental and emotional.

This remedy helps with forgetful, absent minded. Supporting the mind when it is dull and foggy.  Helps with lack of concentration helping us to focus on the more positive aspects of our lives.  It can help to stop the loop of fear playing round and round in your head helping you to detach from that which no longer serves you.

It helps you when you are feeling depressed and destructive.  You could experience very changeable moods going from friendly, nice and amicable to irritable, snappy.  You may beoversensitive to bright lights and cant bear music or noise.

It is a remedy for when you feel resentful and abused. You may feel great hostility to those around you and you could feel angry at your family members.

If you feel fearful, panic stricken and living in fear that something terrible my happen.  You may experience anxiety for no reason, anxiety about your health, experiencing anxiety for self, friends and the world.  

You may feel despairing, be tearful and can see no way out of your situation.  You may take on others problems.  You may feel disappointed by other people.

You may feel anxiety at the chest, feeling pressure.  Anxiety in the stomach which makes you feel terrible with violent stomach pains with nausea and dizziness.You may have pain in the left side of your neck with stiffness.  Experience of headaches with nausea. You may not be able to sleep and feel tired and unable to do nothing on waking and may need to take an afternoon nap.

These are just some of the aspects of this remedy there are many more and you may have some or all of these traits. 

Crystals infused within this Cosmic coaster.

Black Tourmaline - A powerful protective crystal, tourmaline traps negative energy within it rather than bouncing it back and forth as iron based crystals tend to do.  Useful to create grids around the home to provide a protective shield that will block negativity or toxic energy of any kind.  Provides a protective shield around you when using this cosmic coaster.  Provides psychic protection. Remember to cleanse the crystal when using and the coaster regularly using sage or under moon light.  This is an invaluable crystal if you are a sensitive person who are overwhelmed by electronmagnetic stress including Wi-Fi. Works with the Earth Star Chakra, Base Chakra, higher Heart Chakra and protects all chakras and seals the aura.

Smoky Quartz - Transmutes negative energy, grounding, supports low energy if you feel drained or depleted by conditions around you. Shields against psychic attack. Helps to overcome lack of trust. Works with the Earth Star Chakra, cleanses and clears all chakras and shields the aura.

Clear Quartz - increases the power of all of the crystals used to infuse this cosmic coaster.  Transmutes negative energy, amplifies energy, adjusts your vibrational field, raises your consciousness. Quartz is a soul cleanser that removes the seeds of karmic dis-ease, detoxifies the emotional field and balances the mind.  Works with all chakras, purifies and expands the auric field.

Amazonite - Amazonite transmutes destructive emotional patterns and deconstructs ingrained beliefs, encouraging creative thinking to help to consciously create a new reality.  Helps those who suffer from ‘empty nest syndrome” helping you to redirect your nurturing abilities.  Gives you courage to move forward in life and break codependent tendencies.  Encourages you to be independent while drawing support from friends to you. It disentangles detrimental karmic connections that operate through the higher chakras, freeing your soul energies and reconnecting you to your proper soul family.  Works with the spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat.  Opens and stabilises all chakras.

Bloodstone - Bloodstone protects the soul on many levels, keeping out undesirable energies and dispelling mental confusion.  It helps us to withdraw from situations that do not serve us but gives you the courage to face your fears.  This stone also helps to heal the ancestral line.  Helps us to live in the present unaffected by the past. Works with the Base chakra, Sacral chakra, Heart Heart chakra and cleanses and realigns the lower chakras.

Crystal information taken from the book 101 Power Crystals by Judy Hall

I have worked personally with each of these coasters challenging strength, courage and love into them.