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Mother Mary Cosmic Coaster

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The Mother Mary Cosmic Coaster was a long time in the making.  For me she is all about support and nurturing.  She provides such unconditional love for us all, without judgement or reprimand.

She will never step in if we have a lesson to learn but she will walk by our side ready to pick us up if we fall, brush us off and place us back on our path with a big loving hug and encouraging words to carry on regardless of any mistakes we may have made. She encourages us to be the best version ourselves but reminds us not to be harsh on ourselves to accept where we are and to love ourselves for who we are and what we are at this time.

She provides a safe haven of pure loving light to return to when we need to lick our wounds, are stressed, tired, overwhelmed/overworked and just provides us with that warm hug that mothers can only provide. She is there for those of you that did not have a mother's love growing up or may have lost your mother.

You can stay with her as long as you feel you need to to rest, recharge and reset. But be aware she will nudge you to move on to forgive yourself and others, to learn from your mistakes without judgement and to journey on with love in your heart.

Place the coaster on your heart and feel the love and support through into this chakra and let it flow throughout your body to where it is needed most.

Charge your water with the love and support of the colour pink, the affirmations, the strength and love of Mother Mary  and the homeopathic remedy Rose Quartz the crystal of unconditional love as well as in homeopathic form.  

A great one to give a child to place under the pillow, beside the bed or under it to provide a safe cocoon of pure pink loving energy to help them to feel safe and to sleep well. Us adults could do with some of that support too, I know I certainly do.

The homeopathic remedy used to charge this cosmic coaster is Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz has a homeopathic remedy has many uses but I have tried to summaries them as best I can here for this cosmic coaster.

Rose Quartz is the remedy for the heart chakra, It helps with those that have a lack of energy. For those of us that find it hard to trust others for whatever reason. Helps with those that experience a lack of joy, are too serious and need to play more. Gives protection in all circumstances, whether physical, mental or psychic.  Heals Karma that was created in Atlantis and awakens Atlantean Energy.

Supports those that have an inability to forgive, those that suppress their emotions, for absent mindedness, forgetfulness, for those that find it hard to concentrate, Obsessive thoughts, for those that dont feel good enough, for those that want to hide and not be seen.

Rose Quartz offers some physical support for the following:-

Headaches which are crushing and affect the eyes and vision, vision goes blank, pain in the neck and lumbar region of the back, Eye floaters, vision problems, works on the kidneys and kidney ancestral energy. For all heart problems, helps to improve circulation, for those that cant sleep and sleep alot or use sleep as a refuge, a great remedy for chronic bone disease, weak bones and osteoporosis. It purifies the immune system which is a good one to use in these times we live in.

The coaster is infused with the energy of Mother Mary, Rose Quartz homeopathic remedy and crystal energy, affirmations.