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Sacral Chakra Cosmic Coaster

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The Sacral chakra centre is one of the main centres that keeps our physical body and our wellbeing healthy.  It helps to focus our vital force into making a strong and viable immune system to help us fight off infection and disease.  It also controls our emotions and is ruled by the element of water.  So when we don’t share our feelings with others we retain water in the body.  This creates bloating and puffiness..

It is also the main centre for relationships not only with others but ourselves.  So the emotion ‘am I good enough’? would sit in this centre.  It governs our sexual maturity and controls our appetites for food, sex and pleasure. It is our connection centre with our parents, lovers, siblings and our children.  So like the base chakra it is another big energy centre.  Money and Careers will also be part of this chakra as the they do overlap so although this is part of the base money and career will affect the sacral chakra too.

The Sacral coaster helps support all of the above and the following physical aliments : -Sexual/reproductive disorders, bladder and kidney aliments connected to the urinary system, aliments in the pelvic area and lower back pain, sciatica, period problems, fibroids, endometriosis, cystitis, prostate problems, lower digestive cramps, IBS, weight gain around the middle.  All of these physical symptoms will have an emotional connection so if there is a physical symptom you are experiencing have a look at your emotions as this in turn will be creating this physical aliment or disease.

Emotional signs your sacral is out of balance is emotional overreactions to situations, excessive neediness in relationships, co-dependency, fear of happiness or pleasure, self sabotage, low libido, depression and pessimism.  This centre is easily unbalanced and blocked as every harsh word, anger, argument, grief, heartbreak affects this chakra so it's important to keep this in balance.


The colour used in creating this coaster is Orange.  Orange is a hot colour which is full of vital force energy and so is able to deeply connect you with the life force.  Orange also is connected with sensuality and sexuality, with a deep connection to passion, creativity and joy.  Orange helps to stimulate physical energy in the body and can open channels of suppressed vitality from an overactive mind.   Orange brings warmth, healing and physical well being.

The sacred geometry is Icosahedron which is a symbol the body understands in the same way it does colour.  This shape will support you in releasing any shock or trauma, release old hurts and experiences bring balance back to the sacral chakra strengthening it and providing a reconnection to your creativity, sexuality and life force energy.

The homeopathic remedy infused within it is Holly Berry 18c. Holly Berry brings peace and acceptance, brings down higher knowledge into our lives without any conflict.  Very strong protective remedy providing balance and refuge.  Helps to support any condition which blood is featured.  Good remedy for those that have been through great trauma, supports those experiencing the need to self harm, supports anaemia, menstrual issues, nose bleeds. Emotionally it helps with the support anyone suffering with utter despair, pain or suffering. Supports deep deep pain in the heart from unspoken suffering and great grief.  For those that carry great guilt. For people that cannot make decisions.  For people that feel they cannot be helped and are doomed. Helps with gut problems, nausea and vomiting.

The affirmations for the sacral coaster is: I am good enough.

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.