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Soul to Soul Membership

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A mini card pull for each star sign. This may evolve into a card for the month as the group grows.
Preparing a sacred space together a handout on how to create a healing supportive grid for the month. To support you during the month.
A topic each month connected to the new and full moon.
Taking care of our 12 main chakras - looking at one each month.
A meditation as part of our group call.
Pulling a group affirmation to work with for the month.
Working with a flower essence for the month connecting to the month topic.
Working with a crystal of the month.
Connecting to a different Angel each month and observing how they support you during the month.
The opportunity to purchase a cosmic coaster or essential oil rollerball to enhance the work you will be doing during the month.
A Facebook group to chat and support each other.