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The Shadow Within Cosmic Coaster

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This Cosmic Coaster offers us the opportunity to go into the Void with Archangel Metatron by our side to look and work with our Shadow Sides. We all have one and it is the aspect of ourselves that we dont like.  This could connect to many things such as anger, jealousy, control, addictions, out warn beliefs, habits, frustration etc.  It will be different for us all.

By working with this coaster you will be bringing light to this darker side of yourself allowing you to face it and work with it.  It helps us to accept and love all aspects of ourselves the darker side and the lighter side of us.

We all have work to do on ourselves that is why we are here to learn the lessons and to heal them so we dont take them into the next life.

Remember you never go into the void alone Metatron holds your hand and guides you to look at what needs to be bright to the light to be healed.

The homeopathic remedy we are working with on this Cosmic Coaster is Apple Tree 12c.

Apple Tree - Apple Tree has a healing power on all levels.  The aura of this remedy is Green providing deep healing to those aspects of yourself that need support.  It offers new beginnings and removes fear that accompanies initiation into a new level of consciousness. It provides safety and protection in which new initiations can be undertaken. 

This remedy helps us to experience who we are and and our true mission.  It brings great comfort to all that needs it. 

Apple tree symbolises the Tree of Life, all that is was and ever shall be.  It reminds us that Metatron can see where we are and where we have been giving guidance to the next phase of our being.

For those that find it hard to live in this world.  A great remedy for anyone that has been shocked out of their bodies by any trauma, shock and grief.

Apple Tree helps you to reveal what you need to know and see what is important for your spiritual growth.

The Cosmic coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Metatron, apple tree 12c, Amethyst.