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Third Eye Chakra Cosmic Coaster

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The Third Eye Chakra is found at  the centre of the forehead, between the eyesThird Eye Chakra is the chakra we refer to as "the sixth sense". The Chakra connects us to our internal intuitions and is responsible for the, the ability to read the future and receive non-verbal messages.

When the third eye chakra is out of balance.

When the Chakra is unbalanced we experience fatigue, day dreaming, sleep problems, lack of assertiveness, inability to listen to others, and may even often feel disoriented.

This is the  area of our mind that controls our common sense, wisdom, intelligence, memory retention, dreams, spirituality and intuition and is connected to the solar plexus. 

 The colour Indigo (purple)

If the colour indigo is loved by a person it indicates that they are strong and dependable.  These people can rely on themselves and they can be relied upon by others.  This person is self contained and in control of their actions.  Frankincense is associated with this chakra as it slows and deepens the breath helping the deep connection of prayer and meditation.

Affirmation for the Third Eye Chakra Cosmic Coaster.
Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Sense, See or Fee the beauty.

The Homeopathic Remedy infused in this Cosmic Coaster is Buddleia

Buddleia is one of my favourite modern day remedies. It is my go to remedy for any trauma or shock.  This helps us to see what happened clearly and to be able to process the shock and trauma we have been through. This may sound strange to want to look at it but to do this we are able to learn from it and let it go, replacing it with forgiveness for ourselves and others.

It is a very calming remedy known as the homeopathic tranquilliser.  It brings great peace and a degree of trust and faith that everything is perfect just the way it is.  It is an amazing remedy for anxiety that is focused at the back of the throat or solar plexus.  It is for those that cannot move forward without fear, who feel powerless, who to choose to run rather than face the fear they are feeling. For those that are afraid of the dark and are obsessed with the light.

This remedy works in a very gentle but powerful way, releasing layers of trauma and fear from life times ago as well at the present life.

Buddleia brings Christs energy to consciousness allowing us to see the bigger picture of life gone by.  Integrates spirituality and spiritual awareness into life. Helps to bring in boundaries where they are necessary, for those that feel lost because they have no boundaries.

I could write much more here as this remedy has so many uses.

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.